What’s New with Regs: “State by State” – the U.S. Climate Alliance and CARB

In this episode, Jennifer Butsch is joined once again by Don Gillis, lead technical instructor for Emerson Educational Services. Don and Jennifer discuss the differing state requirements, the challenges and impacts they have on contractors, as well as how they perform within each state.

Host: Lindsay Headings, Digital Marketing and Content Manager, Emerson
Co-Host: Jennifer Butsch, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Emerson
Guest: Don Gillis, Lead Technical Instructor for Emerson Educational Services, Emerson


  • 0:09 – Welcome
  • 1:20 – State by state challenges
  • 5:09Emerson Educational Services
  • 5:32 – “Are there state-level requirements that affect me?”
  • 9:20 – State patterns when adopting regulations by region
  • 9:30 – US Climate Alliance map
    us climate alliance
  • 11:29 – EPA SNAP 20/21 adoption overview map
    EPA SNAP 20/21 Adoption
  • 12:50 – Suggestions for understanding the state by state guidelines
  • 14:32 – New question of the week

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One thought on “What’s New with Regs: “State by State” – the U.S. Climate Alliance and CARB

  1. Great podcast and great information . Air Conditioning Contractors of America has been deeply involved in the A2L refrigerant issues and has developed a training course for using A2L refrigerants.
    Best Regards,
    Lanny Huffman Chairman- ACCA

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