HVAC Backstories

In this episode, we are joined by three of Logan A/C and Heat Services in Dayton, Ohio’s own apprenticeship program graduates. We kick off the conversation by discussing how each of them unexpectedly took a leap of faith and made a career change to be a part of the HVAC industry.

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Women in HVAC

In this episode, we are celebrating Women’s History month with four of our special guests, Ashley Pleiman, Sandy Heckman, Lynn Williams, and Mindy Ondera from Logan A/C and Heat Services in Dayton, Ohio. First, we dive into learning about the history of women at Logan’s and how they discovered their own careers in the HVAC industry.

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Tech Experts Edition: Tandems and Trios

In this episode, Lindsay, John, and James decode a common compressor nomenclature and explain the difference between even and uneven tandems. We also provide various marketing bulletins based on tandem/single compressor replacements, run cycle, staging, and oil balancing.

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What’s New with Regs: System Efficiency – A Look into the Future

In this episode, Lindsay, Jennifer, and Rajan continue the discussion from the previous episode, and further explore the world of system efficiency. Rajan explains the metrics (SEER, IEER, EER) used to rate AC systems and what it fails to cover.

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Tech Experts Edition: Preventive Maintenance

In this episode, we discuss the importance of and how to perform preventive maintenance. John and James share their knowledge on the best practices and the do’s and don’ts for performing preventive maintenance.

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What’s New with Regs: New Refrigerants, New Codes, and New Standards

Today’s discussion is all based around new refrigerants and new codes. We answer the question regarding what ASHRAE 34 and 15 is and what the new standard is. We also discuss how the adoption of new codes and standards can vary from state to state and how it can affect your business.

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Tech Experts Edition: Hard Start Kits

In this episode we answer the question of the week from the previous episode, “Does a residential AC scroll need a hard start kit?” John & James answer this by walking through different scenarios in which you would and would not need a hard start kit for your system.

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What’s New with Regs: Kigali Amendment: Phase down, not out

Today we answer the question, “Why are HFC’s not a good permanent solution?” We also discuss the greenhouse effects and how ozone-depleting gasses such as HFC’s are related to this. In addition, we explore the proliferation of refrigeration around the globe and the Kigali phase down and how it works.

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Tech Experts Edition: 6 and 9 Lead Motors

In this episode we answer the question from the previous episode, “When working with a semi-hermetic compressor, can you replace a compressor with an FSD motor with a TSK motor?”

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Tech Experts Edition: Do you know your nomenclature?

This podcast is the second episode in our “Tech Experts” series. In this episode, we walk through how one would find the replacement for the CR53KQE-PFV-270 by using the Copeland mobile app. We also discuss the importance of the bill of materials, the difference between refurbished and remanufactured compressors, and Copeland nomenclature.

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Tech Experts Edition: How to get in contact?

In this episode, we introduce our technical experts and discuss the different ways in which you can reach technical services, how to leave them an effective message and a few ways you can effectively use our Copeland Mobile app.
Links mentioned in the episode:
Copeland Mobile
Copeland Technical Support
Tech Experts Podcast Series
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