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On average, the typical U.S. air conditioning system will last about 12 to 16 years. As a result, the average homeowner will only need to purchase a few of these in their lifetime. With new government regulations almost every year, HVAC purchases and HVAC service can be intimidating to people unfamiliar with the industry. And, on top of that, the HVAC industry is also riddled with confusing terms and acronyms like SEER, HSPF, and AFUE.

So, there can be a lot to sort through when faced with heating and air conditioning decisions. You might even find yourself with more questions than answers. That’s where we come in.

In a recent survey, homeowners said that AC & Heating Connect is a key source of information about air conditioning and heating equipment, second only to friends and family. We are dedicated to providing helpful information for homeowners and business owners (primarily in North America, though about 20 percent of our visitors are from other regions). For the most part, the authors are employees or affiliates of Emerson, a business focused on providing quality, technology-based equipment and services to meet the needs of the air conditioning, heating and commercial refrigeration industries. However, we welcome comments and contributions from others.

Our Mission

AC & Heating Connect was established to provide timely and accurate information, along with objective opinions and insight to consumers of air conditioning and heating equipment, so they may be equipped to make the most informed decisions possible. We do not formally promote any particular products, solutions, companies or providers. We do support certain industry and government organizations that provide content or services consistent with our mission.

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For Homeowners, Renters, and Facility Managers

We hope homeowners will use this site to answer basic questions about problems with your existing system. We are also here to help when faced with the significant investment required to replace a system. For business owners or facility managers who are faced with similar problems with air conditioning or heating needs, we have provided some information to address multiple units (i.e., apartment buildings) or other larger systems and needs.

Like many things in our lives today, air conditioning and heating systems typically have problems when you need them the most – the hottest part of the summer or the coldest part of the winter. We hope this site will provide a “first place to look” for some basic information on this topic.

We aim to provide you with the tools needed to ask your contractor for the right solutions for your particular needs.

For Contractors

We hope contractors will use this site to provide support for customers related to the solutions you are offering.

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