Professional HVAC Contractor Toolkit

From webinars, podcasts and downloadable documents to help inform conversations with customers in the decision making process to proprietary market insight, industry-related news and commentary from Copeland, this toolkit is filled with information you’ll only find on AC & Heating Connect.


AC & Heating Connect Toolkit Resources for Contractors:

Listen to the HVAC on Air Podcast | As a podcast subscriber, you can expect to learn the latest tips and trends for the heating and cooling industries. Get actionable advice from leading experts that understand the challenges today’s contractors are facing.

Use these Point-of-Sale Tools in Customer Interactions | These documents were created to help contractors offer their customers trusted, third-party information on common questions. We encourage you to use them to empower your customers to make smarter HVAC decisions throughout the sales cycle.

Learn from HVAC Industry Webinars | We’ve gathered industry experts to create webinars that span topics of comfort, regulations, technology trends and more. View past recordings or download a PDF of the presentation to learn on-the-go.

Read the Latest in HVAC News & Trends | We’re publishing new information about the news and trends impacting our industry every month. Rely on us as your source for expert information in heating, cooling and HVAC customer care.

Contact Us | Have a topic you’d like to see AC & Heating Connect cover? Reach out to us and tell us more.