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Copeland Commercial & Residential Solutions, Efficiency and Regulations With a primary interest in regulatory changes impacting commercial and residential HVAC systems, Jennifer discusses current and future codes, standards, and regulations, and provides insight on how they affect homeowners, facility managers, and contractors.
2023 DOE Efficiency Regulation Requirements

2023 DOE Efficiency Regulation Requirements: The Year is Here for Big Changes

The Transition to Lower GWP: What’s Your Plan for 2025?

The Transition to Lower GWP: What’s Your Plan for 2025?

DOE HVAC efficiency standards

New Refrigerants, New Codes, and New Standards

HVAC efficiency

System Efficiency – A Look into the Future

2023 Efficiency Regulations

What About Efficiency? New 2023 Efficiency Regulations

R410A refrigerant phase out

What’s Happening in Air Conditioning with R410A refrigerant and the new low-GWP alternatives?


How the AIM Act Will Impact Your Facilities

Air Conditioning Standards, Residential Air Quality

2023 Federal Minimum Standards: Homeowner’s Perspective