Livable Buildings: Designing for Comfort

Livable Buildings: Designing for Comfort

Customers understand the importance of efficiency, as well as the industry standards that their systems are based on, but have they had the designing for comfort conversation?

Jennifer Butsch of Emerson and Dr. Sydney G. Roberts from the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing will be hosting a LIVE webinar at The Helix Innovation Center. They will be discussing the importance of designing buildings for comfort.

The Helix has allowed spaces like office buildings, commercial kitchens, and grocery centers to be easily accessible testing environments. These helped solve the challenges of designing buildings for comfort.

Jennifer is the Regulatory Affairs Manager and Sydney is the Director of Strategic Partnerships. Their combined expertise in the industry will allow them to touch on an array of topics concerning comfort and livable buildings, such as what a livable building is, how to design for comfort, effects of regulations, design tips to keep in mind, and the future of livable buildings.


Livable Buildings: Designing for Comfort
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