Training for Success

Wholesalers and contractors alike are realizing the importance of ongoing training. Training helps provide the foundation for enhanced productivity, increased morale and greater opportunities for a more profitable bottom line. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, many businesses are now understanding that in this more difficult and competitive marketplace environment, training programs are both beneficial to employees and critical to a business’ success. In fact, a study performed by The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) found that companies that invested more in training realized a 37 percent higher gross profit per employee. In addition, training is essential to attracting and retaining employees, while increasing the output and production of a company.

An Opportunity to Improve a Company’s Potential

A well-implemented training program can significantly improve a company’s growth potential and profitability. Since many technicians today don’t remain with one company for their entire career, it is more important than ever that a business provides proper training to its employees to help improve morale and stem the tide of employee turnover. A Hackett Benchmarking and Research report showed that companies spending $218 on training for each employee had a 16-percent voluntary turnover, while companies spending more than $273 per employee had an annual turnover of only seven percent.

There are many other benefits to the business owner in addition to employee retention. Regular training can help improve employee morale and attitude toward their employer while elevating an employee’s perception of advancement opportunities. It can also improve skill levels, reduce callbacks, and create greater efficiencies in the field. Training can even help a company retain its customers and project a more favorable image of the company among current and prospective customers.

Comprehensive Training Offered through Emerson

Emerson Educational Services is a recognized training leader in the HVAC/R industry. From distance learning to instructor-led, Emerson courses help keep technicians abreast of the latest industry technologies, regulations and trends while giving them the knowledge and hands-on experience to work faster, work smarter and make fewer callbacks.

Courses available from Emerson Educational Services offer IACET continuing education units, as well as NATE credit for recertification to help technicians continue their career growth in the industry. Courses are offered in both classroom instructor-led training and distance learning training available online and on CD. Classroom-style courses are taught by Emerson-certified instructors. Some of the courses also provide hands-on training to further enhance the learning experience.

Distance learning has become a popular companion to classroom-style training since it allows users to access training at their convenience. Over 70 online courses are offered through Emerson Educational Services and all are regularly updated to reflect the industry’s latest technologies, regulations and trends.

In today’s highly competitive HVAC/R industry, regular training can help a company achieve a higher level of success. Emerson Educational Services provides the right kind of training to achieve that success. To learn more about the extensive training courses offered by Emerson Educational Services, visit our website at