What’s New with Regs: EPA SNAP Rules – On again, off again, on again??

In this episode, we are joined by Emerson’s Don Gillis who is a lead instructor from Emerson’s educational services. Today, we answer the question regarding what the US has done to phase down HFCs. We explore this question by going through the EPA’s SNAP Rules, what they mean, and how they affect the industry, specifically technicians. We also discuss the history of these SNAP rules and the effects that they have on HFCs.

Host: Lindsay Headings, Digital Marketing and Content Manager, Emerson
Co-Host: Jennifer Butsch, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Emerson
Guest: Don Gillis, Lead Technical Instructor for Copeland Educational Services, Emerson


  • 0:09 – Welcome
  • 0:49 – Introduce Don Gillis
  • 2:00 – Emerson education services
  • 3:33 – What has the U.S done to phase down HFCs?
  • 3:56 – EPA & SNAP Rules
  • 6:28 – Technicians response to the new SNAP Rules
  • 14:07 – Vacating SNAP Rule 20 and 21

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Kigali Amendment: Phase down, not out


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