Tech Experts Edition: Hard Start Kits

In this episode, we answer the question of the week from the previous episode, “Does a residential AC scroll need a hard start kit?” John & James answer this by walking through different scenarios in which you would and would not need a hard start kit for your system. We also discuss different resources that can be used to understand this topic a little better such as Copeland Mobile, AE Bulletins, OPI, and calling the service helpline.

Host: Lindsay Headings – Digital Marketing and Content Manager, Emerson


  • James Stevenson – Technical Service Engineer, Emerson
  • John Roberts – Technical Service Engineer, Emerson


This episode’s question of the week is now CLOSED. Our lucky winner is John Holloman. Congrats John!

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  1. On a 3 phase one, if the phase are not the correct rotation, it will run but not compress refrigerant at all, change two wires phases to correct rotation, you will see your hi and low pressure good.

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