The HVAC Contractor’s Role in Disaster Recovery

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria caused major devastation in parts of Texas, Florida, and other southeastern coastal states. Homeowners and business owners are beginning the cleanup and rebuilding process. Many will seek out help from trusted contractors for repairs, particularly to air conditioning and heating equipment. HVAC contractors and technicians play an important role in the disaster recovery process, providing a comfort that many of us take for granted.

HVAC contractors are the experts, educators

In the midst of disaster recovery, the role of an HVAC contractor is to provide technical expertise. You will also be educating homeowners and business owners about the risks that flooded equipment presents. HVAC contractors should take the lead in facilitating conversations with customers on whether to repair or replace existing heating and cooling systems.

Conversations with your customers

Nathan Walker, senior vice president of Houston-based Goodman Mfg. Co, recently provided tips for HVAC contractors in the middle of disaster recovery efforts, including:

  • Balance the business opportunities that natural disasters create with the humanitarian side of the crisis. Don’t lose sight of the fact that people are suffering greatly. By operating with the well-being of your customers in mind, you will build goodwill for your business for the long term.
  • Start with your customer base. You’ll be able to work off of your records to provide superior customer service and technical expertise.
  • Educate customers on the types of problems that can result from flooded equipment. Your credibility will increase if they understand why replacing damaged HVAC equipment is necessary.

If you’re a contractor, there are many resources available to help you have a conversation with your customers about whether to repair or replace flood-damaged HVAC equipment. Share these helpful tips with your customers today.


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