Comfort Gadgets and the State of Our Industry

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I was reading a recent post on one of my favorite social media channels a few weeks ago regarding new “gadget products” that were designed to keep consumers cool and comfortable during the summer months, and especially at night. Some of the more interesting ones included self-cooling pillows, self-cooling mattress pads, a temperature controlled mattress and a bed fan that cools the space above or under the covers.  Some of these products were selling for between $300 and $700. The question I asked myself was, “Why not just invest that money in a whole home HVAC comfort solution that works for every room in your house all day and night instead of in a single bed?”

In addition to getting much better comfort for the little extra money when a system is replaced, the homeowner would also probably get better humidity control, better indoor air quality and reduced noise. One of our recent posts deals with this.  I think these “comfort gadgets” are yet another example of how many consumers in the U.S. are underserved by our industry. Consumers want comfort and better indoor air quality, but they don’t realize they can get it from some of our latest HVAC technology. There is a huge market out there for contractors who take the time to satisfy the needs of comfort instead of just replacing existing equipment with similar stuff and moving on to the next job.


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