2023 DOE Efficiency Regulation Requirements: The Year is Here for Big Changes

On January first of this year, the Department of Energy increased the minimum efficiency for residential air conditioning. This new stipulation required equipment to comply with the increased standards in order to be installed after Jan 1 in the South, forcing industry wholesalers and contractors to reevaluate marketing plans and inventory ahead of the new year.

Navigating any regulatory cycle is complex and requires significant preparation, but there is a reason for optimism. Incrementally through our surveys leading up to the 2023 mandate, results showed that most industry professionals, especially in the South, took necessary actions to adapt their businesses to these changes by engaging with OEMs, attending product seminars, and utilizing other educational resources.

In the infographic below, see how experts responded to our latest regulation readiness survey and learn how Copeland helped support the industry during these changes. To help the industry prepare for the next regulatory requirement, our team will narrow in on timelines and support to align with how contractors are approaching preparedness and bridge gaps of information to keep them more informed.

2023 DOE Efficiency Regulation Requirements

To download a PDF of this infographic, click here.

For more information specific to these regulations, visit Copeland’s regulatory site.


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