Tech Experts Edition: How to get in contact?

This podcast is the first in our “Tech Experts” series with James Stevenson and John Roberts. In this episode, we introduce our technical experts and discuss the different ways in which you can reach technical services, how to leave them an effective message and a few ways you can effectively use our Copeland Mobile app. 

Host: Lindsay Headings – Digital Marketing and Content Manager, Emerson


  • James Stevenson – Technical Service Engineer, Emerson
  • John Roberts – Technical Service Engineer, Emerson


  • 00:10 Welcome/introductions
  • 01:58 How to contact technical support using Copeland Mobile
  • 03:15 Identifying issues using Copeland Mobile
  • 07:15 How to contact technical support using their number
  • 10:03 How to leave a message effectively
  • 17:00 Question of the week
This episode’s question of the week is now CLOSED. Our lucky winner is Rich Bosold. Congrats Rich!

Would you like the Tech Experts to discuss a specific topic? Tell us below!

Next Episode: Do you know your nomenclature?


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