5 Things to Know About Smart HVAC Maintenance

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The HVAC industry has been doing service the same way for decades. But today, your HVAC contractor can install sensors on your AC and heating system for monitoring and remote diagnostics. This means smart maintenance is the future of HVAC service.

If your contractor is offering smart HVAC maintenance to give you confidence in their work and peace of mind about your AC and heating system, there are a few things your contractor may want you to know.

  1. Think about smart HVAC maintenance like the check engine light in your vehicle and the way automotive technicians can run a system check to identify maintenance issues for your car. With sensors on the HVAC system monitoring performance 24/7, you and your HVAC contractor can be alerted to issues and help protect against system failure.
  2. Many traditional maintenance offerings don’t bring peace of mind. With today’s technology, your contractor can now offer detailed, customized information on your system.
  3. More than 40% of newly installed residential HVAC systems are not installed correctly, per the EPA. Smart maintenance helps drive accurate installs and repairs. By running performance checks, your contractor can confirm their work while reducing callbacks and increasing productivity. Diagnostics from smart sensors can confirm and solve system errors, helping your contractor perform with confidence on site.
  4. When you have smart HVAC sensors installed, your contractor can analyze your system’s problems remotely to “know before they go.” By analyzing sensor data, they can grab the right part and send the right tech for the job at your house.
  5. Offering you a new system featuring sensor technology and the ability to diagnose problems remotely means your contractor is the right partner for a homeowner who is expecting their home appliances to be smart.

HVAC is a big investment and smart maintenance provides peace of mind and better service experience.

Joe Samel is the head of Marketing Commercialization for Sensi Predict, Emerson’s new smart maintenance solution. Learn more at SensiPredict.com.

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