UVCC HVAC Students

Today there are growing concerns about the technician shortage in the HVAC industry.  In the midst of this, Emerson reached out to a local trade school, Upper Valley Career Center (UVCC). On this episode, we talk to HVAC students first hand and hear why they chose to enter the HVAC industry and what types information or individuals influenced their decision.


Lindsay Headings, Isaac Nuss, Matt Ricker


UVCC HVAC Students

Daringer Bernardi Scott Boettiger Jake Browning
Jacob Couchot Keith Deardorff Dartagnan Devaudreuil
Lane Eilerman Douglas Foster Kirsten Fries
Kurt Hoover Cole Hopper Jacob Hummel
Garrett Kimmel Tanner Kimmel David McMillan
Timothy Minnich Jacob Nelson Seth Reeves
Mason Sanders Tristen Shank Noah Shoemaker
Tyler Siegel Andrew Spayde Brendan Thomas
Dylan Wray
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