Top 5 Things a Homeowner Expects in Their HVAC System

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As an HVAC contractor, it’s important to know what your customers are looking for when shopping for a new system. Emerson recently conducted a survey of about 1,500 homeowners on what factors they find most important when purchasing an air conditioning and heating system.

The results help contractors gain insight as to what homeowners are looking for in their HVAC systems and what they are looking for when it comes to HVAC customer service. As a contractor, understanding these trends can help you better communicate with your customers, leaving them highly satisfied with their service and eager to remain loyal to your business.

Below are the top 5 benefits that homeowners tend to expect from their HVAC systems, and ways you can help them in the decision-making process.

  1. Reliability Over the Long-TermReliability was a top factor among all the homeowners surveyed and ranked high for being one of the most important concerns. Customers want to ensure their new system will stick around through the years and feel at ease that it will continue to operate without needing to be repaired or replaced any time soon. The knowledge that their HVAC system will provide them with years of trouble-free performance will grant instant relief and peace of mind. Reassure the customer that they are purchasing a quality system and that it will be professionally installed in their home. Many times, quality assurance takes precedence over cost with equipment that’s critical to a home.
  2. Reasonable Monthly Operating CostsThe monthly costs accrued with a new HVAC system is always a concern at the forefront of a homeowner’s mind. Typically, homeowners will take a significant amount of time to research and compare different HVAC systems. As a contractor, you will want to help them make a choice that leaves them satisfied. Oftentimes, this means helping them understand that when it comes to choosing a new system, you shouldn’t always go down the cheapest, “best deal” route.It’s important to help the customer consider whether the system delivers the best efficiency and service for what they are paying, and make sure that they feel comfortable with the price range. Be prepared to show them that while they may pay a higher upfront (or monthly) cost, any savings on energy costs may help balance out finances.
  3. Systems Provide Desired Air TemperatureA top priority of homeowners is ensuring that their purchased system provides comfort and produces an even temperature without any hot or cold spots in the home. Contractors should be prepared to help customers consider other less-commonly known factors as well, such as humidity control, air quality, and sound. Some of these factors may not have been initially considered but are important alongside the actual air temperature when it comes to matching personal comfort preferences.
  4. Purchase PriceThe cost for replacing an entire system can be expensive and homeowners may be hesitant before making a purchase. Some may choose to continue to pay for repairs, believing they are avoiding a large price tag of a new system. Contractors ought to be prepared to talk through some of these financial concerns with their customers and offer up information regarding energy savings, rebates, or financing options that may be available to them.
  5. HVAC Maintains Desired Temperature Throughout the HomeNot only are homeowners concerned about the quality of the air temperature, but they also want to make sure the same temperature consistently reaches the entire home year-round, no matter the season. Uneven temperatures leave homeowners living in discomfort in winter and summer, constantly adjusting their thermostat.

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