Specializing Your Service for Customers with Spring Allergies

Specializing Your Service for Customers with Spring Allergies

Your aim is to keep your customers comfortable in their homes. While a well-tuned HVAC system will successfully monitor and adjust the home’s temperature as needed, there’s more to take into consideration when it comes to indoor air quality (IAQ.) With spring approaching, how can you specialize your service for customers with seasonal allergies?

Customers with a severe allergy or asthma concerns may broach the subject on their own, but the majority are likely unaware of the impact that the upkeep of their HVAC systems takes on their seasonal symptoms. Whether or not there’s already an air purifier, dehumidifier or high-quality filters in place, annual maintenance appointments set at the beginning of spring represent a great opportunity to talk IAQ with your customers.

Here’s our three-part checklist for servicing a home where allergy and asthma concerns are key:

  1. High-efficiency air filters

    Electronic air cleaners can certainly help improve air quality, but the best thing you can recommend is using HEPA filters throughout the home. Customers may find it difficult to justify a higher price point for a higher quality filter, so show them the relative thickness of a filter with a 17+ MERV rating to help demonstrate the benefits.

  2. Cleaning the HVAC System

    Seasonal duct cleaning is recommended for every customer, but it’s essential for customers with seasonal sensitivities. Annual maintenance appointments tie in naturally with the spring cleaning trend, an opportunity your business can capitalize on.

  3. Monitor humidity

    The further north your business operates, the more important this reminder will be. As warmer temperatures and rainier forecasts approach, monitoring in-home humidity becomes more important. Any customers who moved into a new home or facility over the winter are subject to surprises in their new space’s humidity levels. Leaving these unmanaged introduces a breeding ground for germs and allergens. Remind your customers that monitoring and adjusting humidity now will be much more cost-effective than eliminating resulting black mold in the long run.

Tips for businesses in colder climates

When the snow melts and warmer temperatures return, spring cleaning will begin. If your customers are booking their annual HVAC maintenance appointments within this timeframe, they’ll like appreciate the reminder that they can dust their registers and return vents before the appointment to get a head start on eliminating allergens. Otherwise, recommending HEPA filters will be key. Customers aren’t likely to understand why their investment in a filter with a higher MERV rating is worth it, so your counsel here will be appreciated. Ask customers about allergy or asthma concerns before the appointment, and bring samples of each filter option to help them understand your recommended approach.

Tips for businesses in warmer climates

Without the major shifts in temperature, it’s easier for your clients’ allergy or asthma symptoms to sneak up on them. You can always consider a seasonal or annual check-in that reminds loyal customers that regular maintenance and cleaning of the HVAC system will prevent the onset of any issues. But the true culprit in these climates is humidity. In warm weather climates, it’s a great idea to recommend a whole-home dehumidifier.

Thinking through your customers’ ultimate indoor experience will simply lead to better reviews and more business, so considering seasonal sensitivities and air quality preferences like these will keep you a step ahead.


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