New Designer Air Webinar Series Focuses on Compressor Modulation

We just completed our first installment of the “Getting Comfortable with Designer Air” webinar series on compressor modulation, which kicked off on April 7. Over 500 contractors, OEMs, and facility managers registered to attend this one hour online presentation.  Over 90% of attendees rated the webinar as good or excellent and said the content provided a great understanding of how different types of compressors work.

The series began with a webinar titled “The Four Things You Need to Know about Compressor Modulation,” where Ken Monnier (VP Engineering at Emerson) and I discussed the important aspects of modulation technology, giving an in-depth overview of the following:

1. The Role and Need of Modulation Technologies: It’s Not Just a Want, It’s A Need

I discussed the changing regulatory landscape, customer preferences, the impact of the current residential efficiency standards, and proposed commercial standards.

2. The Benefits of Modulation Technologies: It’s Not Just About Comfort

Ken walked through the benefits of enhanced comfort, improved energy efficiency, and proven reliability.

3. The Applications Ideally Suited For Modulation Technologies: It’s Not Just For Premium Systems

I discussed the ideal residential and commercial applications for certain types of modulation.  Ideal residential uses of modulation include premium, high comfort and geothermal applications.  Commercial applications such as restaurants, schools, retail stores, data centers and museums could also greatly benefit from modulation compressor technologies.

4. The Types of Modulation Technologies: It’s Not “One Size Fits All”

Ken explained some of the more popular modulation technologies available including: two-step, digital, variable speed, tandems and trios as well as a comparison of all the technologies.

To listen to a rebroadcast of the webinar click here.

For a full list of questions and answers discussed during the webinar, click here.

To see even more information about capacity modulation solutions for both residential and commercial applications, please visit our Designer Air page.


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