Meeting the Comfort and Efficiency Needs of Schools and Churches

Anyone who has ever addressed a crowded room would agree – comfort is critical to participation and creating an overall positive experience.  Many studies have concluded that air conditioning is the most critical factor in providing a comfortable, climate controlled environment for learning.

Schools and churches are just two types of facilities where both a comfortable environment and energy costs matter a great deal.  These organizations cannot afford to waste their operating budget on high energy costs driven by oversized mechanical equipment.  Recent advances in HVAC controls technology and capacity modulation methods are now featured on equipment that can closely match variable loads that are common in schools and churches.  These facilities require equipment that can effectively and efficiently cool or heat large spaces when they are filled with people and when there are just a few people – a real design challenge.  These modern HVAC systems with capacity modulation can quickly pay for themselves in church and school settings simply through the energy savings generated from modulating back in off-peak conditions.  These systems also provide optimum comfort during both peak and non-peak periods.

HVACR compressor manufacturers strive to deliver high levels of efficiency, comfort, and reliability in a market that also demands affordability and compliance with environmental laws. Today, a complicated combination of regulatory requirements and customer preferences is driving manufacturers to achieve unprecedented levels of compressor efficiency without sacrificing reliability and comfort.

Compressor suppliers have responded to this demand by providing innovative products that can help air conditioning original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) improve system efficiency. This is achieved through modulating capacity technologies where the cooling capacity of the system is tied to the load, not an application’s peak requirements. Modulation makes it possible to tailor compressor performance to changes in ambient and varying load conditions, eliminating big swings in temperature and relative humidity levels throughout a building.

These innovative products address the key needs of facilities such as schools and churches, where comfort and operating costs are critical to the success of the organization.  Ask your equipment distributor or contractor about new modulating capacity cooling systems for the most comfortable environment and the lowest energy costs.


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