Making Home Performance Businesses Successful

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Article summarized by Becky Hoelscher and original article written by Andrew Oser – Indoor Environment & Energy Efficiency

Are you prepared to generate business and revenue without being able to dangle rebates in front of your customer? Maybe you already are in a market without rebates and are having problems generating enough revenue to keep your business running. Regardless of your situation, it’s always a good time to supercharge your home performance business.

To boost your business, don’t rely on selling ROI (return on investment), instead, focus on “PAIN.” Homeowners will more readily spend money to eliminate their pain points, than to potentially save a few dollars on utility bills. This doesn’t mean customers won’t experience energy savings by implementing home performance work, only that you won’t have to “sell” people on “investing” in your work based on potential energy savings. Instead, you can show how home performance can make their home more comfortable, healthy and safe while saving money on utility bills.

How Can You Elevate Your Home Performance Business?

Focus on becoming a problem solver. You need to discover and reduce your customer’s PAIN. Finding out what causes your customer’s pain is simple, just ask what they don’t like about their home’s current comfort level. Are there unpleasant odors, mustiness, or drafts? Is their home too humid or dry? Does anyone living in the home have allergies? Are there any areas of the home that don’t maintain heat as easily the other areas? More often than not, the person you’re speaking with will have at least two of these issues.

Take Action:

Once the homeowner mentions their initial complication, ask them relevant follow-up questions so you can better diagnose the issue at hand. For example, if the homeowner says that their top floor is hard to cool in the summer, ask questions like, “is it the whole upper level, or just certain areas?” and “how long has this problem been going on?”

Tips on Closing a Home Performance Deal:

  1. If you are in contact with a homeowner that doesn’t want to admit that they are having HVAC-related issues, start with an icebreaker. Ask them something like, “If you could wave a magic wand and make one thing better in your home, what would it be?”
  2. Don’t waste money advertising home performance, market home performance through your technicians and internal staff. Teach your staff, empower them to become problem solvers, and reward them for scheduling tests.
  3. Lastly, test every employees home. Once your employees see the testing process for themselves, they can be advocates for your work, speaking honestly and with excitement about the benefits of home performance testing.

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