Increasing Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with Heat-Recovery Chillers

In the United States, the average annual energy expenditure per person is $3,052. In total, heating and cooling account for around 48 percent of all energy consumption per household. This makes chillers and air conditioners the perfect targets for increasing energy savings.

In a study, an innovative heat-recovery chiller was paired with a variable speed compressor and motor control drive to reclaim wasted heat, maximizing energy efficiency ratings (EER). The home featured in the study was equipped with solar panels. This amplified the effectiveness of the compressor-chiller duo and significantly increased the home’s energy efficiency.


In an average home, a lot of energy is used to cool the air in warmer months, wasting substantial amounts of unwanted hot air. Regardless of the temperature of the home, people still need to heat water for various purposes. Rather than paying to reject heat entering a space by cooling it and then paying for gas as a form of heating, the unwanted heat can be recovered to use in the home for various purposes. This reclaimed heat can provide hot water for the kitchens, bathrooms, pool or hot tubs without using any additional energy to by avoiding gas or electric to heat the water.

The technologies used in this study are an unrivaled pair. The heat recovery chiller is twice as effective as other systems and has the ability to reclaim 100 percent of the heat, which would otherwise be rejected into the atmosphere and wasted. The variable speed compressor’s flexible design is great for unique applications.


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