HVAC Market Dynamics: How Contractors are Navigating Regulations

Regulatory change is constant within our industry and has implications on equipment design, application and how it’s maintained in the field. Emerson continually works to survey the landscape to help educate the industry on the impact of trends and regulatory changes. See our newest HVAC Market Dynamics report to see how contractors are responding to the latest efficiency requirements.

INFOGRAPHIC: HVAC Market Dynamics: How Contractors are Navigating Regulations

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9 thoughts on “HVAC Market Dynamics: How Contractors are Navigating Regulations

  1. I am having a house built in Lane County Oregon and I have been told the regulations recently changed and it is a requirement for me to have a wall mounted HVAC ductless heating and air conditioning unit. Must I have this or can I have a wall heating unit in each room?

    • Hi Gary,
      We generally recommend that you reach out to the local authority for clarification of building codes. I was intrigued by your question, so I contacted the Lane County Oregon Public Works Dept. and they clarified they are unaware of any regulation changes that would require the installation of ductless units. The Oregon Residential Specialty Code (ORSC), R303.9, notes that heating facilities are required for dwelling units and provides minimum heating criteria that must be met, but, regarding types of systems, only stipulates that the criteria may not be met using portable heaters. The ORSC and the Oregon Energy Efficiency Specialty Code further address requirements for the various types of system, both ducted and not. Also, additional energy efficiency measures are required, per Table N1101.1(2) of the ORSC.
      In this case, I would suggest you give a call either to their County Plans Examiner (if plans have already been submitted for review) or to the Builder-on-Duty at (541)682-4651 to address further questions you have regarding options.

  2. I need the exact codes to replace 11yr old unit for homeowners insurance company.
    It need to consist of wind and equipment change to bring unit to code when replaced buy damage.
    How can I get these codes?

  3. I am currently working on a new walk in cooler I am being told that I need permanent safety rails around compressor on top of walk in cooler

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