How Hotels Can Improve Energy Efficiency with Chillers

Large hotels across the United States spend an average of $1.05 per square foot just on electricity every year. In addition to that, another $0.25 is spent on natural gas. With nearly 60 percent of total energy use in any lodging facility coming from lighting, space heating and water heating, it makes sense to focus on energy savings that could be found in those systems.


Comfort is always a top concern at hotels, but cooling unwanted hot air in warmer months is a tough task requiring a lot of energy. In a study, hotel managers found that instead of paying to reject heat that is generated by cooling, they could recover this heat for use in guest showers, kitchen operations and anywhere else hot water is necessary.

This heat recovery greatly reduces cost, heat waste and energy usage and is made possible by a heat recovery chiller paired with a variable speed compressor and motor control drive. The system has the unique ability to remove heat from either air or water and distribute it wherever necessary. All the system components working together make it possible for the system to direct the refrigerant wherever it is needed without any compressor shutdown.


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