Five and a Half Ways to Explain and Sell Comfort to Your Customers

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The most common objection you hear when talking to customers about various levels of air conditioning systems probably has to do with price.  While this is a challenging hurdle to overcome, many times customers fail to assign costs to aspects of their life that are often overlooked, but greatly valued.  One such aspect is comfort.  When talking to a customer about their options it is often helpful to talk less about product functionality and more about comfort.  The following 5.5 tips can help guide you.

1. Define comfort – Sometimes the easiest way to define something is by describing what it isn’t.  Ask your customer if they had temperature swings on humid days between cycles, had hot and cold spots in the home, or trouble sleeping in the summer.  By getting them to talk about issues they have it’s easier to define what life is like without them – comfort.

2. Introduce the concept of air quality – A properly sized system will enable the air flow within the home to remain fresh and well ventilated.  This reduces the chances of stagnant air leading to poor odor or mold development.

3. Discuss efficiency standards – Let them know not only about minimum SEER standards, but what higher efficiency means.  Temperature consistency, energy efficiency and humidity control are all aspects of systems that deliver higher comfort.  In addition, discussing refrigerant standards such as the shift away from R-22 can open the door for more comfort-focused conversations.

4. Connect the dots between efficiency and comfort – Explain that the systems with over 16 SEER ratings provide superior comfort, humidity control and better indoor air quality, which are not only good for the way customers feel, but for their wallets as well.

5. Define different tiers of systems in terms of comfort – When explaining the differences between a 13 SEER and an 18 SEER system, for example, focus on the comfort factors – humidity control, consistent cooling, better air circulation – rather than just cost or machine performance differences. A customer might not care about what ‘variable speed’ means, but they will want to hear they won’t sweat or freeze at night.

5.5 Direct them to third party information – There are several good online sources of unbiased information to which you can direct your customers.  This site, AC & Heating Connect, as well as others such as OEM sites or associations such as ACCA and AHRI all offer good information for homeowners.

Comfort, when properly defined and explained, can be a valuable selling tool and is often appreciated and overlooked by homeowners.  Have you had success discussing the value of comfort?

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  1. your articles are of no help as I
    live in a high rise and have a wall
    unit Emerson control for a boiler
    system. The building just got a
    new boiler system and now I have
    changed batteries 3 times and the
    system will not work….just says
    charging for the last 2 days! I’m frozen!!@@!

    • We suggest contacting the chiller manufacturer or a qualified service contractor to determine the proper size and operation of the TXV for your situation.

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