A Cool Million: Reflecting on a Milestone and Looking to the Future

This past month, the one-millionth visitor visited the AC & Heating Connect website. In 2013, North Americans began looking to our site to find useful information regarding air conditioning and heating equipment for homes and businesses. This milestone reminds us how helpful a resource like ours can be to help explain confusing HVAC terms, new government regulations and more to anyone who might be unfamiliar with heating and cooling technology. In fact, the number of return visitors increased nearly 66 percent in April 2016 compared to previous years.

Our most popular blog posts (e.g., Four Myths About Ductless Mini-Splits and What’s the Difference Between R-22 and R-410A?) have brought many enquiring visitors to the AC & Heating Connect site. While still maintaining our initial focus to help homeowners, facilities managers and contractors, in the next few months, we plan to post additional content tailored specifically to commercial end-user consumers. Going forward, new content will cover regulatory issues regarding buildings, utilities, and efficiency requirements relevant to commercial end users. Blog posts will also highlight new technology, best practices and case studies.

We are excited to broaden our focus to help more people in need of answers to AC and heating questions. Thank you for visiting our site, and please let us know if you have any ideas for future content. It’s easy – just post a comment at the end of any of the articles on AC & Heating Connect or contact us here.

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