Comfort and Livability – Legends of HVAC Interview Series: Karl Zellmer with Shane Angle

This podcast is the fourth in our “Legends of HVAC” interview series with HVAC Legend, Karl Zellmer, VP of Air Conditioning Sales at Copeland. In this episode, Karl and Shane share their inside advice to contractors on how to make their jobs easier through resources, apps, and tools that will help pave the way to becoming a comfort expert.

Be on the lookout for the final podcast in the series, where Becky Hoelscher, Director of Aftermarket Sales at Copeland joins Karl in a discussion with multiple industry experts, ranging from individuals with over 30 years of experience to those just entering the industry, to provide insight on what they see happening in HVAC.

Host: Lindsay Headings, Digital Marketing and Content Manager, Copeland


  • Karl Zellmer, VP of Air Conditioning Sales at Copeland
  • Shane Angle, VP of Sales and Technical Services at Copeland

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