Building Relationships in the Industry – Legends of HVAC Interview Series: Karl Zellmer

This is the second podcast in the “Legends of HVAC” interview series with HVAC Legend, Karl Zellmer, Vice President of Air Conditioning Sales at Emerson. In this episode, Karl provides insight on how to create a strong reputation and lasting relationships within the HVAC community. Through preparation and hard work, Karl explains his journey to VP of Air Conditioning Sales. Be on the lookout for the next podcast in the series, where Shane Angle, VP of Sales and Technical Services at Emerson, joins Karl to discuss the many changes that face the HVAC industry.

Host: Lindsay Headings, Digital Marketing and Content Manager, Emerson
Guests: Karl Zellmer, VP, Air Conditioning Sales, Emerson


  • 0:10 – Welcome
  • 0:50 – Karl’s story in the HVAC industry
  • 4:16 – Creating relationships within the industry
  • 6:40 – Wrap-up

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