Building Industry Knowledge Through Experience – Legends of HVAC Interview Series: Karl Zellmer with Becky Hoelscher

This is the final podcast in our “Legends of HVAC” interview series with HVAC Legend, Karl Zellmer, VP of Air Conditioning Sales at Copeland and Becky Hoelscher, Director of Aftermarket Sales at Copeland.

In this episode, we talk to multiple industry experts, with a combined 220+ years of experience. The discussion centers around their thoughts and opinions on how they see the future of the industry, how the industry is impacted by the next generation of contractors, what Science of Livability means to them, and some final thoughts on memories of Karl over the years.

Host: Lindsay Headings, Digital Marketing and Content Manager, Copeland


  • Karl Zellmer, VP, Air Conditioning Sales, Copeland
  • Becky Hoelscher, Director of Aftermarket Sales at Copeland
  • Mitchell Cropp, CroppMetcalfe Services
  • Tim Cropp, CroppMetcalfe Services
  • Andrew Oser, CroppMetcalfe Services
  • Vincent Gillette, Gillette Air Conditioning Co., Inc
  • Steven Miles, Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Brandon Miles, Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning


  • 0:10 – Welcome
  • 2:00 – Science of livability
  • 5:56 – Understanding what consumers want
  • 8:55 – Engaging commercial customers
  • 10:23 – Two-Stage & Variable Speed equipment now v. 10 years ago
  • 14:25 – Evolution of digital controls
  • 15:43 – Future of technology
  • 21:09 – Attracting the younger generations to the HVAC career field
  • 27:45 – Additional comments toward trade programs

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