Becoming an RSI Accredited Contractor Gives You an Advantage

RSI Accredited Contractor

As an HVAC contractor, earning credentials can provide an upper hand within the industry since many builders are searching for contractors that possess numerous accreditations. ACCA, HVAC’s premier trade organization, provides contractors the opportunity to earn these credentials through their Quality Assured Program.

Read the article, “Becoming an RSI Accredited Contractor Gives You an Advantage” by Air Conditioning Contractors of America, to learn more about the multiple accreditations you can earn through this program and how they will set you apart from your competitors.

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Becoming an RSI Accredited Contractor Gives You an Advantage

By: Sean Tolbert, Quality Assured Program Support Specialist

As an HVAC business professional, your business needs to take advantage of the value of maintaining a close relationship with a professional trade association. ACCA is the HVAC’s premier trade organization that offers HVAC contractors the opportunity to become accredited for the New Homes Program and Residential Service and Installation (RSI) Program through our Quality Assured Program. Becoming an accredited contractor is a great way to grow your project opportunities. Many builders are looking for HVAC Contractors that are ENERGY STAR Credentialed and being accredited through our QA Program is the leading way to earn that credential. Also, ACCA’s QA accreditation helps to establish a level of trust that makes new customers confident in their choice to work with your company.

Contractors participating in the Existing Homes (RSI) Program can prove to their clients in the residential replacement marketplace that they follow the acceptable guidelines for quality HVAC installation. By becoming an RSI accredited contractor, you are taking a step forward in setting yourself apart from your competitors. Every day, builders and consumers use ACCA’s QA Contractor Locator at to find the right HVAC contractor for their projects and heating and cooling needs. Because of the solid industry reputation of ACCA, builders, and consumers that utilize this tool are generally searching for a contractor to do the job right. The QA Contractor Locator is a great feature that will feed your business leads because consumers and builders can verify if your company is accredited as a New Homes and/or RSI contractor. With summer approaching, and with more aging HVAC systems, residential replacement jobs will be on the rise, and your business will want to be in our directory. It is a great benefit!

Once you become an RSI accredited contractor, you now have the distinction of being able to obtain Energy Star Verified HVAC Installation (ESVI) certificates! These certificates can be used on retrofit projects that follow the ACCA QI 5 Standard. HVAC contractors can get more information on how to obtain this valuable certificate on our website at In addition to the ESVI Certificate, and upon verification of a successful installation, you will receive a Quality Installation Certificate from the QA Program that also assures you that the HVAC system that you installed meets the requirements for compliance to the ACCA QI 5 Standard. It is a simple way to show your customer that you provide quality work. This will distinguish you from the competition that may just do an installation without a way to show their customer that they do quality work. If ACCA can help promote your business success as a contractor that performs a Quality Installation, then at any time you may use the QI Mobile App to inform us of any quality installation projects you have.

You will certainly find value in our Quality Assured accreditation program. From the recognition on our QA Contractor Directory to the ability to use our QI Mobile App for projects, and the ability to obtain and issue QI and ESVI Certificates, our QA Program sets your company apart from the competition. The process of applying for accreditation is simple, and typically new applicants complete the process within 1 week. To apply for accreditation, you can go to our website at If you have any questions you can email us at or call us at 703-824-8877.

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