5 Things Every Contractor Needs to Know about Wi-Fi Thermostats

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With Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats predicted to outsell standard digital thermostats in the next five years, many contractors are making room for these next-generation thermostats on their trucks and in their business plans.

To ensure you are taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the rapid change to this market, we put together a list of five things every contractor needs to know about Wi-Fi thermostats:

  1. Wi-Fi thermostats can be both affordable AND profitable. Shop carefully to ensure you are bringing your customers a Wi-Fi thermostat that meets their pricing expectations and offers your business strong margins. Check with your local wholesaler for their top recommendations.
  2. They are easy to install. Don’t worry about your technicians having to learn complex new technology. There are quality Wi-Fi thermostats available that will walk you through the online setup via a mobile app.
  3. Wi-Fi thermostats offer an opportunity to promote your business. Be sure to take advantage of the Wi-Fi thermostats that allow you to enter your business name, phone number and even logo. This way, your business is top of mind when system service is needed.
  4. No c-wire required. More than 60 percent of homes do not have a c-wire. Good news, there are reputable Wi-Fi thermostat options that do not require one.
  5. Homeowners love the convenience. Over 70 percent of homeowners who have a programmable thermostat don’t use the programming feature. The ability to adjust the temperature quickly to is a welcome convenience for busy homeowners.

Today, three out of four homes have Wi-Fi. Distributors and contractors, now is the time for to help grow your business by offering affordable options for Wi-Fi thermostats.


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