What is a Heat Pump, and is it Right for Me?

Heat Pump

Originally published on November 7, 2012

Learn more about heat pumps and its impact on the home

More and more we’re getting questions from homeowners about heat pumps.  What are they?  How do they work?  Are they right for me? While heat pumps are fairly common in the warmer states they are less well known in other parts of the country, but that is quickly changing.

What is a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are simply central air conditioners that provide cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.  During the winter months they literally run in reverse to heat your home. A heat pump can be one of the most efficient methods to heat and cool your home, and a good choice for a number of reasons.

Heat Pump Benefits

Heat Pump Caution

While heat pump technology is becoming more and more efficient at heating and cooling, there are still circumstances where a furnace or secondary heat source will be necessary.  In areas of the country that routinely get below 15°F for extended periods of time it might be beneficial to use the heat pump with an auxiliary heating solution such as a conventional gas furnace.  Ask your contractor about the latest high efficiency heat pumps and duel fuel systems available for your region of the country.

Using a heat pump air conditioner that does both heating and cooling can provide a low cost, high efficiency and environmentally-friendly solution for your comfort needs all year long.

Do you know anyone that has recently installed a heat pump? Let us know if you’re considering one!

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  1. I’m remodeling my home a complete gut job practically a brand new house. I wanted to know the difference between heat pump and regular central heat and air unit. What’s the cost difference. Thank you JW

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