Summer is SEERing: Three questions to ask before purchasing a new HVAC

If your AC system fails, do not panic. Grab a glass of ice water and ask yourself these three questions to ensure your next AC system keeps you cool and cost-efficient.

1. Are you SEERing?

The Seasonable Energy Efficiency Ratio, otherwise known as SEER, tells you how much cooling a system puts out for each unit of energy it consumes over the course of a typical cooling season. Only 14% of homeowners know the SEER rating of their system, but it’s key to choosing the most efficient AC system.


Think of it like your car’s MPG—the better the MPG, the less you have to spend on fuel.

So the higher the SEER, the higher the efficiency… and the higher the efficiency, the higher the savings. Plus, the higher the SEER, the better for the environment and your comfort, especially in the spring and fall.


2. Which AC system is right for you?

AC systems last about 16 years before they are replaced (depending on geography and run time). Federal, state or local governments and utility companies offer incentives of direct rebates, tax credits, and tax reductions up to $1,000 per system (depending on your location and type of system).

Your options:


Download this PDF here.

Did you know? A system that turns on and off less frequently costs less to operate.

3. What should you do next?

It’s time to get SEERious about your HVAC!


Download the free Emerson e-Saver app for iPhone or Android to quickly calculate the annual energy cost savings of systems with various SEER ratings.


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4 thoughts on “Summer is SEERing: Three questions to ask before purchasing a new HVAC

  1. Hi Nina
    I was recently told that my a/c unit is to big for my home and wouldn’t work to full potential. I have a 960 sq foot home that I purchase in May and had to add a window unit to help cool. Am I being told correctly?

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