Three Common Misconceptions About Smart Thermostats

smart thermostats

Learn about the benefits of smart thermostats and home temperature control.

Smart thermostats and smart devices are in more homes than ever as consumers become more familiar with home automation technology. Despite the increase in adoption, there are still some common misconceptions about smart thermostats. Are you missing out on the convenience and cost-savings connected home products offer? Let’s take a moment to quell these myths about Wi-Fi thermostats.

I’ll never use it.

When was the last time you changed the TV channel without a remote? You’ll feel the same way after using smart thermostats. Once you start using home automation technology, you’ll never know how you lived without your thermostat remote control. Set, change and schedule your home temperature from across the room or across the country.

It will be too hard to install.

So you’re a little apprehensive about thermostat installation? We understand that some options on the market can be a tad intimidating. For most Wi-Fi thermostats, you don’t need to be a handyman to install. Just download the mobile app. The clearly illustrated in-app instructions will easily guide you through each step of the thermostat installation and connection process with confidence.

They’re too expensive.

If you’ve already started researching smart thermostats, you probably know that many popular smart devices can cost as much as $250. Some even charge monthly fees. Installing and programming an energy-efficient thermostat can help you to reduce wasteful heating and cooling without sacrificing your home comfort. Being connected makes it easy to reduce your energy costs by simply turning the dial down a few degrees when you aren’t home or when you’re sleeping.

And you’re not the only one interested in thermostat savings. Your utility company is too. Since your home energy efficiency generates energy reduction results for them, many utilities offer consumer thermostat rebates and incentives for your purchase.

Before you buy one of the new internet thermostats –

  • Make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection.
  • Know your HVAC system and check for compatibility.
  • Make sure your new device works with your existing smart home automation hub.

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4 thoughts on “Three Common Misconceptions About Smart Thermostats

  1. My thermostat Is temperature control shows lock key. I cannot set it to cool. I have it set at 64 degrees yet it feels like 78. How can I take the lock off?

  2. my specific question: is it best to set thermostat so it keeps running
    furnace up to designated tempiture or turn off switch on furnace
    when not home ? Karen

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