Three benefits of the smart thermostat

smart thermostat

Upgrade to a smart thermostat and ditch the outdated model that is costing you money

Struggling to maintain a comfortable and consistent home temperature? System cycling too fast or too slow? Home thermostat reading doesn’t seem to match the actual room temperature?

An outdated model can not only make you uncomfortable; it can cause HVAC inefficiencies that can cost you money.

3 Perks of the Modern Wi-Fi Thermostat

1. Comfort

Off-brand digital or older mechanical home thermostats are less precise than modern units. These outdated models can cause your HVAC system to cycle too fast or too slow. Not only can this make your home uncomfortable, but it can also strain your system and your utility bill.

2. Features

If you find yourself struggling to read the controls on your old home thermostat, look for a newer smart thermostat model that has more features. A large, easy to read display and keypad lockout are two of many features found in modern smart thermostats.

3. Convenience

Ever wake up to a freezing house and wish you didn’t have to trek down a long hall to turn up the thermostat? Turned the thermostat setting up while on vacation to save money and had to return home after a day of traveling to a sweltering house? Dreamed of being able to control a home appliance with only your voice? The correct smart thermostat can help with all of these things.

Most smart thermostats have free mobile apps that serve as an intuitive remote control, allowing you to set, change and schedule your home thermostat temperature from your bed, your couch, across the room or the country.

When you do replace your home thermostat, remember to dispose of your previous unit properly, especially if is a mercury thermostat. Each state has specific laws and collection programs. You can find more information at

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