How do I know which HVAC contractor to hire?

choosing the right hvac contractor

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One of the most important factors in achieving satisfaction with your air conditioning replacement is the selection of the right contractor.  Even the best equipment will not provide you comfort if it is not sized and installed properly.  There are several organizations which certify AC technicians like NATE and ACCA.  Verifying through these organizations that the technicians are trained and certified is essential.  Also, while most contractors carry several different brands of equipment, not all of them carry the brands you might want.  It’s usually best to start off asking what kind of features and comfort level you want and then identify a brand that can fill your need.   Third-party websites like Angie’s List also provide user-experience feedback on a wide range of contractors. Unless you know and are satisfied with a contractor you have used in the past, we recommend getting quotes from several different contractors.  And if you get multiple quotes, it’s essential to make sure they are all quoting similar types of equipment so you’re comparing apples to apples.  They should also be able to validate their experience installing the type of equipment you have selected.  The best contractors are the ones who take the time to make sure you understand what they are recommending.  Ask a lot of questions and go with a qualified contractor that makes you feel comfortable about your choices.

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