Do I want something more than just “cold air”?

Your AC unit can do more for you than just keep you cool

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Just about every basic central air conditioner on the market will produce cold air throughout your home if it’s installed and sized correctly.  However, there are some features of high efficiency systems that are often worth the additional price when you take more than just the initial purchase cost into consideration.  For example, because higher efficiency systems use less energy, they can reduce your monthly electric bill, and over the life of a system it can easily pay for the upfront cost difference.  Because your AC and heating system accounts for roughly 60% of your overall home energy costs each year, those numbers quickly add up to real savings.  This is even more important if you live in an area where the electricity rates are high.  These energy saving systems also often qualify for local utility rebates or other government incentives which makes them more affordable.  Comfort is another important factor to consider.  Some of the higher efficiency systems available today provide an added benefit from both maintaining the temperature within a more precise range to controlling humidity – both significant factors of overall comfort. While it’s relatively easy to get cold air, consider the long-term financial and comfort factors before making a purchase decision.

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