Are there unique needs in my region of the country?

The air conditioning needs of the muggy, humid southeast summers require different methods for sizing and equipment selection than the hot, arid summers in the southwest.  In certain parts of the country, the quality of electric power distribution causes brown-outs or worse.  These areas often require special added equipment to deal with certain power sags.  Some areas of the country have other unique problems like airborne pollen or pollution which can cause respiratory issues.  Coastal regions near the ocean can have special problems with corrosion from salt spray.  If you have just moved to a new area and are not sure about what unique issues your region faces you should consult with a contractor who can explain the best ways to deal with these problems before purchasing your new AC system.


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7 thoughts on “Are there unique needs in my region of the country?

  1. What are the special needs of Fresno, CA? We have high temperatures in the summer of 105-115 that don’t cool down much at night.

  2. Boise (and most of the west) tends to be a little dryer than other parts of the country. That doesn’t impact the system size or type you should get too much but you might want to consider adding a whole-home humidifier for improved comfort – especially in the dry winter months. The other thing to note is that Boise has more days where you’ll run your heating than days when you’ll run the AC. Given that, having a high efficiency heat pump or furnace would be more impactful to saving energy than necessarily having a high efficiency air conditioner.

  3. Places like Little Rock, or the midwest/southeast in general, are prone to high heat and humid days that can tax the system. The key is to make sure the contractor sizes the ac correctly and/or offers two-stage systems. If you get a standard single stage AC and it’s too large for your house then it won’t properly dehumidify. Conversely if it’s too small it will dehumidify okay but won’t properly cool the home. So that balance is important in climates that get humid. Two stage systems side-step the issue by allowing the system to run at a lower capacity – thus allowing it to run longer and pull more humidity out of the air while being capable of running at full capacity when it gets really hot out.

  4. Hi Lawrence, what region are you in and what questions did you have? I’m more than happy to help in the comments section.

  5. Truly…. If you are on this page you are more than likely to already know that you have a unique A/C need. That Said…. it says nothing other than… “Consult your Contractor” when it does not address the particular needs of any region in the U.S. Worthless Site

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