Advantages of Scroll Compressors for Home HVAC

For heating and cooling your home, the compressor is one of the most important parts of your HVAC system. To maintain the optimal balance of temperature, humidity, and air quality levels, there is no better solution for your home’s comfort than an HVAC system powered by a scroll compressor. But how these units function can be a bit confusing with regards to their operation, so we’ll quickly explore these marvels of engineering in a little more detail.

What is a Scroll Compressor?

Typical reciprocating HVAC compressors operate by drawing in refrigerant and heating it by raising and lowering a piston, causing its volume to decrease and pressure and temperature to increase. This is typically an inefficient process, due to the number of moving parts required for operation. Scroll compressors, on the other hand, operate by compressing refrigerant through a moving scroll in a smooth, spiral motion. As the refrigerant passes toward the center of the scroll, increasingly smaller pockets of refrigerant are created that gradually rise in temperature and pressure. With only fewer moving parts, scroll compressors are much quieter and energy-efficient. Less parts also make for a more durable operation with fewer breakdowns.

Benefits of Residential Scroll Compressors

Residential HVAC system installations can vary from fixed to modulating platforms, offering a range of different capacities to meet the needs of your unique home. While the applications, platforms and capacities may differ, scroll compressors are proven to consistently deliver:

  • Quiet and reliable operation
  • Enhanced comfort and humidity control
  • Low-maintenance operation that requires less service
  • Improved energy efficiency and cost savings

To learn more about scroll compressors and modulation technology for your home HVAC system, check out the inside story on Scroll Compressors:

Scroll compressor

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5 thoughts on “Advantages of Scroll Compressors for Home HVAC

  1. Scroll compressors are an amazing example of engineering. This is the first time I’ve seen these. I just purchased an Amana asx160371 unit. Now that winter is here I will cover outside condenser unit. I looked at wiring diagram and did not see a crankcase heater. My question is, is it okay to turn if breaker to condenser unit during winter months to avoid accidental powering of unit while cover is on? Thanks for your time! I am a retired electrician and appreciate the engineering of this compressor.

  2. I’m replacing my home a/c systems.
    My old RUUD unit has a Copeland 2 stage compressor and new unit will have same. Would I get better humidity control if I order inside unit with a variable speed fan?
    Thank you

    • Variable speed blower motors do provide slightly better humidity control. If the condenser has a two speed compressor it surely has an air handler with a variable speed blower motor.l

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