Advantages of Modulation: Modulating vs. Single and Two-Stage Furnaces

Modulating Furnace

Advantages of Modulation: Modulating vs. Single and Two-Stage Furnaces

Purchasing a new furnace is a big step, and the choice can either cost you extra over time or save you energy and money. Because of this, it’s important to be in the know about the latest offerings in home-heating technology so you can find the system that best suits your needs. A modulating furnace is a great example, providing both energy and cost savings that will give homeowners the ultimate peace of mind.

What is a Modulated System?

Modulation technology allows a furnace to create just the right amount of heat inside your home, keeping the temperature balanced and comfortable. When your home reaches the set desired temperature, the modulating furnace will adjust in slight increments to maintain that temperature using variable-speed blowers and modulating gas valves.

Too often, rooms feel almost freezing when the air conditioner is on or they become too warm due to indoor humidity, often the primary cause of indoor heating issues. Designed to combat this issue, modulation technology slightly adjusts its output to decrease temperature swings and RH levels throughout the house—all while using the lowest possible setting. This way, you can enjoy a precise set temperature and save on energy costs.

Other types of furnaces commonly offered for households include single-stage and two-stage furnaces:

Single-Stage Furnace: This type of furnace is always either running at its highest speed of operation, using the highest energy levels and pushing out the hottest air, or it is turned completely off (not running). Essentially, a single-stage furnace only has one “on” setting.

Two-Stage Furnace: These furnaces are similar in nature to single-stage, but have two “on” settings: full and reduced speed. This allows air to move at a higher or lower power based on your temperature needs.

In comparison, a modulating furnace goes beyond a two-stage furnace and can have dozens of “on” settings. A modulating furnace begins at full speed, and once your house is sufficiently warm adjusts its settings in slight increments to change the amount of heat being put out. This method is more efficient and budget-friendly and ensures your home stays within one to two degrees of the desired temperature throughout the entirety of your day.

Benefits of Modulation

Homeowners can gain several benefits from higher efficiency systems like modulation that will save on time, trouble, and money down the road.

  • Comfort – With a modulating furnace, you can reach the set temperature point that you prefer and easily maintain that point. Hot and cold spots will no longer be a recurring issue throughout the house, and you can sleep comfortably with less noise and temperature swings throughout the night.
  • Reliability – Heating system components tend to last longer under a modulating furnace since the low-speed settings put less wear and tear on the equipment. Unlike Single- or Two-Stage furnaces, modulating furnaces have the ability to rein themselves in and operate on lower energy levels.
  • Energy and Cost Savings – Modulating furnaces are one of the most cost-efficient options on the market, saving a significant amount of both energy and money. A modulating furnace uses less energy than standard furnaces since it is not operating at 100% capacity when it cycles on and off.

Modulating furnaces provide the comfort and efficiency needed in every home, making them a worthwhile investment. Ask a qualified technician to help you find the best option the next time you are looking at heating systems.

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  1. Also upgrading to a modulating furnace can potentially increase the resale value of your home, as energy-efficient and modern HVAC systems are attractive features for potential buyers.

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