The Annual AC Tune-Up – Is it Necessary?

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You’ve probably seen air conditioning and heating tune-up specials offered at low prices, such as $29. Are these tune-ups worth it? A good AC tune-up can help you save on monthly energy costs by identifying any potential issues with your air conditioning system before they become significant problems. But do you get a good tune-up for such a low price?

Annual Inspection and AC Tune-Up

Contractors who offer low-priced services want to grab your attention, but be cautious. Sometimes, this is just a ploy to get into your house and find other maintenance work. If the inspection only takes 20-30 minutes, the contractor probably did not do a thorough job. Be sure to get multiple quotes, especially if the contractor tells you that they have to replace equipment after a superficial inspection.

Homeowners should have their air conditioning and heating systems evaluated by a reputable contractor annually. Before you enter into a relationship with any contractor, make sure that they are a reputable company.

Before you schedule an appointment, ask the contractor what they do during the inspection and if they will explain the checklist. Ask them how long it normally takes and if the service technician earns a commission on any additional revenue. Contractors should be ACCA or NATE certified.

At the minimum, the contractor should clean the indoor and outdoor units to remove any dirt and debris that restrict air flow. The contractor should also check refrigerant pressures and adjust if necessary. The result of the tune-up is a more efficient and reliable AC system, as well as peace of mind.


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