Emerson HVACR Influencer Event: Part 2 – The Helix Innovation Center & the Future of HVAC/R

In part 2 of this series, this next episode continues the discussion between host, Lindsay Headings and HVACR industry experts Tersh Blissett, Michael Mayberry, Eddie McFarlane, Jerry Rollins, Bryan Orr, Jessica Bannister, and Bill Spohn. These guests toured The Helix Innovation Center in Dayton, Ohio, and the new Emerson labs in Sidney, Ohio. The group discussed highlights of the tour like the Residential Connected home located inside The Helix and brainstormed ways to promote the skilled trades.

Host: Lindsay Headings, Digital Demand Lead, Emerson

  • Tersh Blissett
  • Michael Mayberry
  • Eddie McFarlane
  • Jerry Rollins
  • Bryan Orr
  • Bill Spohn
  • Jessica Bannister



  • 0:10 – Lindsay’s opening remarks
  • 1:26 – Eddie and Jerry’s take on innovation in the Helix
  • 5:55 – Bill discusses the Residential Connected Home
  • 6:46 – Bill and Lindsay talk about the potential for future meetings
  • 7:58 – Meaningful conversations from the day
  • 9:04 – Mike’s thoughts on the influencer event
  • 13:38 – Suggestions for Emerson’s social media from Mike
  • 15:36 – Jessica explains the HVACR social media environment
  • 17:05 – Jessica and Lindsay cover skilled trades as a career
  • 18:43 – Jessica advocates for in-person events
  • 21:01 – Brian’s reflection on the Helix and its features
  • 23:44 – Tersh deliberates on the Residential Connected Home
  • 26:01 – Tersh’s take on HVACR learning resources
  • 30:56 – Lindsay’s closing statements

Here are the influencers’ social channels:

Tersh Blissett
Instagram – @tershblissett and @Service Business Mastery Podcast
Facebook – @Service Business Mastery Podcast
LinkedIn – @Tersh Blissett

Michael Mayberry
Instagram – @hvac_refer_guy
LinkedIn – @Mike (HVACREFERGUY LLC) Mayberry

Eddie McFarlane
Youtube – @Toolshed and @McFarlane Minute
Facebook – @Toolshed
LinkedIn – @Edward McFarlane

Jerry Rollins
Youtube – @Toolshed
Facebook – @Toolshed
LinkedIn – @Jerry Rollins

Bryan Orr
Instagram – @hvacschool
Youtube – @HVAC School
Facebook – @hvacrschool
LinkedIn – @Bryan Orr

Bill Spohn
Website – hvacrschool.com
Youtube – @TruTech Tools
Facebook – @TruTechTools
Twitter – @TruTechTools

Jessica Bannister
Instagram – @hvacjess
Website – hvacjess.com
Facebook – @HVACjess1
TikTok – @hvacjess
LinkedIn – @Jessica Bannister

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