Should I invest in a programmable thermostat?


One of the quickest and simplest ways to reduce energy costs is to use a programmable thermostat.  There are many varieties of thermostats available today with a host of features, but the one that provides the bulk of the energy savings is the programmable feature.  This allows you to dial back the heating and cooling automatically for times when you know you will not need it – while you are at work, away from home, etc.  There are more advanced models that can regulate the cooling based on other factors like humidity and changes in outdoor ambient temperatures which can improve comfort as well as energy savings without you having to lift a finger.  You might actually have a programmable thermostat now and not know it. Our research has shown that a surprising percentage of people actually own these programmable thermostats but don’t use the programmable feature.   So check your thermostat and if you decide to buy one of the programmable models be sure to use it and see the savings add up!

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36 thoughts on “Should I invest in a programmable thermostat?

  1. Hello,
    I have baseboard heat in each room at my “new” home. The house was built circa 1985 and while I have dial controls to turn the heat up and down, the temperature cannot be set.

    My question is: Can I replace these dial controls with thermostats without replacing the baseboard heating

    • Thank you for your inquiry Miss Moretti. I assume the temperature dials you reference are on the actual baseboard and you cannot locate replacements for them due to the age.

      Yes, you can replace the dial thermostats with a wall mounted thermostat but it will require having a qualified Electrical HVAC Technician do the work. This is not a DIY project. An option is for them to bypass the circuit on the baseboard and wire through the line voltage wall mounted thermostat.

      You can have installed a mechanical or a digital line voltage thermostat depending on your preference. If you require further assistance or clarification please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
      Technical Services, White-Rodgers

  2. Other than the price, I can’t tell the difference between models RTH2300B and RTH6350D. Can you help me with this? Why is the RTH6350 twice the price of the RTH2300B at Home Depot? Does the more expensive model simply show more info on the display?

    • Set the switch to “heat” and then set the temperature to a higher temp. This should override the program. There are other posts on this article with more details and links. If this does not work you might have something else needing repair with either the thermostat or the heating system itself so you might need to call someone to help evaluate it. If it is a problem with the system you might need to call a qualified HVAC contractor. Hope this helps.

  3. I have a Honeywell thermostat digital with hold and schedule and other setting and can’t operate it, Its cold in here. I’m a senior citizen and I can’t operate this thing. Please help????

  4. I had my old Honeywell non-programmable replaced this week. I don’t even know what brand it is, but I need a thermostat that I can read at a glance–the only way I can read most of the new one is to wear reading glasses, use a magnifying glass and a flashlight. I have a forced air system with heat/cool, and fan. I need a thermostat that I can read with just the 60-watt
    hall light. (It would help if the … Captcha appears after the comment instead of before it–I didn’t even see it until the message saying it has to be used before sending came up.)

  5. I have a Programmable Thermostat Honeywell CT3611 which is acting up. Can I still buy the CT3611? If so where? If not is there a replacement that I won’t have to rewire the thermostat panel?
    Thank you

    • Those manuals are usually available on the OEM’s site so you might try doing search on the model name and download or print out the document.

  6. i have an automag thermostate with only 3 wires coming out of the wall( white red green ) how do i connect them up to the honeywell programmable thermostate RTHL221B?

    • Most of those wiring instructions for all brands can be found on line by searching with the model number of the thermosat. If you still have problems you might want to contact an HVAC contractor.

  7. I’ve replaced an old thermostate with a LUX TX9600TSa on a Trane XR90 fufnace. Rewiring the thrmostat was a guess because I couldn’t tell what kind of Phased/heat Pump furnace it is–well the fan runs constantly, no matter what setting you turn the thermostat to–what to do?

    • The wires appear to be mixed up. We suggest you check the website of the manufacturer of either the thermostat or the system, or both to determine the proper wiring. You will need the model numbers of both. If you still have problems contact an HVAC contractor to help.

  8. I have a ROBERTSHAW thermostat and the auxiliary light is on and the furnace keeps running what is going on—-plus I don’t have any instructions with it because I recently purchased this house.

  9. I set therm at 74 for about three hours all is well then Therm resets itself to 68 and temp drops to 68

    I reset it to 74 and the same thing happens again

    I put in new batteries and it does not correct the problem !

    • Glen – If you are using a programmable thermostat it sounds like you might be temporarily overriding the setting. Temp hold is usually 4 hours and 68 is a common energy star heat setting. If you are having trouble programming it you might check with the manufacturer. Those instructions are usually on their web site.

    • Here are a few suggestions of things you might try. First try checking the batteries (if battery powered) or the power connection (transformer powered). If power is not the problem, check to see if there is a re-set button and try to reset it – there should be a user manual on line or you can call the manufacturer for instructions. If none of that works it might just be that the display screen failed and if so, you might want to consider buying a replacement.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      I found this link:

      You will still need to find your model, but I believe this can help,

  10. I appreciated the toll free no for White Rogers thermostat. I never got a manual when the people installed it and I’m tired of asking others to do it for me

  11. I don’t know what to set the thermostat on we have a Emerson Digital Thermostat 1H 1C, HP Nonprogram

  12. The wires to my current thermostat are shorted out. Is there a wireless thermostat I can use to solve this situation? I need to control bOth heat and AC
    What would you recccommend that
    i pourchase?

  13. Karen, I am not a thermostat expert but here is what I would do. Make sure the batteries you put in are good by using a battery volt checker or just try them in another device. Make sure they are in right – positive and negative orientation. If the display still does not come up but the system is running then it sounds like the dsiplay is broken. This means it is still running and controlling the system but you just can’t see it. This also means you probably need a new stat. They have replacements at the hardware stores and if you take that number in they can help you get the right replacement or recommend an upgrade. They usually have someone there who can help answer questions about installation or tell you who to call. Hope this helps.

  14. i have a honeywell thermostat RTH230B the display disappeared right after I manually changed the setting up. I then changed the batteries but the diplay is still gone and the furnace keeps blowing heating. I tried different batteries and its still the same. Do I need a new thermostat?

  15. Margaret, You might try Honeywell’s web site to get their advice or you could just take that model number to a local hardware store that carries replacement thermostats and buy a replacement. There should be instructions in the box with the new thermostat. If you are not comfortable following those intstructions you might ask for some help at the store or they can probalby recommend someone who can replace it for you. Hope this helps.

  16. We have a Del-Air thermostat by Honeywell. The # on back is T8011R ll62 (2), 0540 1A. We have no manual and cannot get the desired setting to stay so end up turning off the system when we get too hot or too cold. Please help.


  17. Wood heat thermostats have special features and often require any replacements to be specified by the OEM. I suggest you contact Oneida first and/or Honeywell to see what they recommend. If that does not work you might try calling an HVAC contractor in your area and they might be able to help.

  18. I have a indoor gas fired wood stove. Gas comes on and fires wood up and then wood takes over. Oneida Royal wood stove. The old thermostat is
    bad, it was a honeywell t874f1106, base q674k1018. This thermostat is not
    made and I cannot find one. A two stage heat pump thermostat make the stove work, but the damper will not work.
    Do you have anything that would work.


  19. Honeywell has most of their operations manuals on line at You may need to truncate the model number to just RTH221B or RTH221B1 and look for the product that best matches the one you are looking for. Hope this helps.

  20. I have a programmable thermostat-Honeywell #RTH221B1000 but need a manual on how to program it?? where can I get one?

  21. Most programable thermostats have a “hold temperature” setting that allows you to over-ride the programing feature and set it to just one constant temperature. If you have a White-Rodgers or Emerson branded thermostat and have other questions about how to set and program it you might try calling their help line at 888-725-9797.

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