HVACR Careers: Choosing the Right State


Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) contractors looking for plentiful job opportunities, high salaries, available training and large numbers of service calls should head for the Buckeye state or sunny California according to a list of Top States to Work in HVACR compiled by Emerson.

Why Homeowners Invest in Energy Efficiency Upgrades

energy efficiency upgrades

Industry professionals understand the benefits of modulating HVAC systems. They control temperature more precisely, remove extra humidity, run quietly, and are energy efficient. But how do you convey these benefits to homeowners effectively? Read on to learn more.

Energy Regulations will Impact the HVAC Industry in 2018

energy regulations

In early 2018, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) implemented energy regulations impacting the commercial heating and cooling industry. These new standards will change how commercial rooftop air conditioners, heat pumps and warm-air for “low-rise” buildings are engineered. The goal of these new standards is to improve efficiency and cut energy usage.

The Science of Livability: 8 Tips to Start the Comfort Conversation

hvacr comfort conversation

Join Becky Hoelscher of Emerson and Nick Lamb from Butler Heating & Air Conditioning for tips on how you can talk about comfort with your customers. Becky is the director of AC Aftermarket sales for Emerson and Nick is the owner of Butler Heating & Air Conditioning. With their combined experience and knowledge in the industry, they will provide great insight on how you can become an expert on the topic and connect the dots between comfort and efficiency.

Student Perspectives on HVAC Recruiting

Career Advice and Key to Success

The HVAC industry is continually growing.  Check out our podcast where we interview students to hear their perspectives, firsthand, on why they believe it’s important to share their experiences with peers about the UVCC HVAC program and why this could be the right career choice for others as they look at future career opportunities.

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Live at IE3 2018

Career Advice and Key to Success

We attended the 2018 IE3 Conference and interviewed leading contractors and vo-tech students with their perspectives on industry trends, why they choose to attend shows like IE3 and what happens during a day in the life of a contractor.