Brandy Powell

About Brandy Powell

Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions, Variable Speed Technology With 18 years in the HVAC industry, Brandy creates new ways to integrate various technology to make it easier for contractors, homeowners, and end-users to apply, install, and service equipment. She is interested in new, innovative technology that saves energy and provides perfect comfort.

Replacing vs Repairing an HVAC System – Episode 4 In HVAC On Air Podcast Series

Discussing strategies on how to replace your AC system so that you find what’s right for you and your home. You should repair your system if it is within warranty, or a few years out of warranty. Finding a good contractor will help with that decision.

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Premium HVAC Systems – Episode 3 In HVAC On Air Podcast Series

In addition to high efficiency, other benefits of premium systems include: comfort, humidity control, continuous airflow, zoning and saving money. Also, new technology like Wi-Fi thermostats offer added convenience for homeowner.

Host: Brandy Powell
Guest: Frank Landwehr,

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Things to Consider When Purchasing a new HVAC System – Episode 2 In HVAC On Air Podcast Series

Discussing what homeowners should consider when purchasing a new HVAC system. Considerations include: finding a good contractor, installing and commissioning, doing research, looking for rebates, getting multiple quotes, use Emerson free app.

Host: Brandy Powell
Guest: Chandra Gollapudi,

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Common HVAC Terms – Episode 1 In HVAC On Air Podcast Series

Discussing the common HVAC terms homeowners may find valuable when researching, purchasing a new system or maintaining a current system. Common terms include: seer, HSPF, AFUE, tonnage, heat pump, furnace, T-stat, coil.

Host: Brandy Powell
Guest: Shane Angle,

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