Webinars & Videos

Basics of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
The interactive module provides an excellent overview of the air conditioning and refrigeration process, and provides a ‘refresher’ course in how to speak with customers using basic terminology.



Impact of Regional StandardsImpact of Regional Standards
In this presentation at the 2013 AHR Expo, Karl Zellmer talks about the impact of regional standards on the HVACR industry.


Mobile Apps ExplainedMobile Apps Explained
This video provides information on the background and design of Copeland Climate Technologies Apps like e-Saver, Fault Finder and X-REF. It also includes a screen by screen walk through of each, with added comments on scenarios for usage.


Understanding Compressor ElectronicsUnderstanding Compressor Electronics
This video was developed from a Webinar explaining compressor electronics for both Air Conditioning and Refrigeration applications.