Is My HVAC System Causing Black Lines on My Carpet?


Over time when living in a new home or newly carpeted home, some may notice black lines/areas forming around the perimeter of carpeted rooms. The black lines on the edge of your carpet are a result of filtration soil.

How Your HVAC System Plays a Role in Filtration Soil:

The general rule is,

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Is a Baseboard Heater Right for You?


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An electric baseboard heater is an electrical heating element inside a metal pipe. When the heater is turned on, an electric current flows through the heating element. This type of heater is really efficient to use for zonal heating (heating only occupied rooms in your home).

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Understanding New Energy Star & CEE Tiers

Understanding New Energy Star & CEE Tiers

The Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) and Energy Star has issued new guidelines for efficiency tiers for residential single phase air conditioner and heat pump equipment to better align with the DOE’s new regional standards which went into effect in Jan 2015.

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Fit for Comfort Kings and Queens


About 40% of Americans say they are pretty diligent about HVAC maintenance. In fact, in our online comfort quiz, they even professed to being comfort kings and queens.

Let our new infographic help you educate your diligent or even not-so-diligent customers on how to prepare their HVAC systems for cold weather.

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