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Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions, Efficiency and Regulation After nine years in the HVAC industry, Chandra has developed a strong interest in utilities and regulations. He provides information to homeowners, contractors, and other HVAC professionals regarding regulations and technology to determine what this means for their business and future plans.

R-22 Dry Charge Systems After 2015

We received a question about the potential decline of the R22 Dry Charge units after the 2015 efficiency regulations go into effect and thought others might want to read about this topic.

The new efficiency standards going into effect on 1/1/15 do not really address any questions about refrigerants directly. 

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What homeowners should know about Regional Standards Enforcement

The minimum allowable energy efficiency for residential air conditioners is changing on Jan. 1, 2015, as discussed in our last update on this topic.  See

The Department of Energy (DOE) periodically increases energy efficiency standards as technology evolves and higher efficiency systems become more affordable.

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Regional Efficiency Standards Update

We are five months away from the January 1, 2015, implementation date for the new efficiency standards which have been discussed in earlier posts on this site and others. Just to review, the regulations require all split AC systems in the southeast and southwest regions to move from the current 13 SEER to the new 14 SEER minimum.

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Understanding Residential Gas Furnace Standards in 2015

You are probably aware of the new Regional efficiency standards affecting residential air conditioning and gas furnace systems as well as the lawsuit by APGA and HARDI challenging the Direct Final Rule for implementation. The settlement essentially remands the residential gas furnace standard and the Department of Energy (DOE) will likely be asked to start over on the rule making process for residential furnaces.

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